Monday, July 20, 2009

Cigarette Smoke vs Car Emission

Smokers... the self-made victims that everyone else love to hate. No tolerance and understanding for these public's health jeopardizing minority.

Ain't gonna argue why people should have the right to kill themselves... usually smokers are condemned because they cause harm to those around them (second hand smokers... to be debated for another day). And then I thought, how much would cig smokes compared to cars emissions??

FORCE International done a complete report on it here. Although the report is not based in Singapore, it does shows interesting insights.

Conclusion of the report is that;
In order for cigarette smokes to match the same amount of air pollution in the stated cities, it will require; (from report)

  • 33 millions cigarettes per person each year
  • 91,300 cigarettes per person each day
  • 3,810 cigarettes per person each hour
  • 64 cigarettes per person each minute

Ain't gonna deny that cig kills (Smokers mostly), even isolating smokers is understandable but to make them suffer (coffee beans: sit under the rain and sun. Ikea, no sitting given.) ... that's just cruel.

The advocates may publish questionable researches and reports or even exaggerating findings and messages, it's pretty obvious global warming is real and car emission is one of its biggest contributers if not the main contributer... and yet owning a car is deemed desirable while smokers are condemned.

As Al Gore said, 'because it's an inconvenient truth, because they don't want to accept that it's a moral imperative'.

Seriously... those gruesome pictures on the cigarette packets are only scaring no one... at least no one I know.


Ac duct cleaning said...

Smoke pollutes the air whether it be from a cigarette or a car...and it has to be stopped.With laws and strict rules can the situation become decent.

JarvisjerK said...

Way too easy to be said than done... nevertheless a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Toxic tobacco smoke KILLS 65,000 INNOCENT Americans every year. Number of innocent people killed by "vehicle emissions"? (Crickets chirping.)

Vehicle exhaust 10 TIMES as polluting as one cigarette. See: for proof.


JarvisjerK said...

I don't mind banning of Cigarette, if they legalize Marijuana. As of most of the studies done on Marijuana, No one died from it and it provides some medical benefits. Of course, there will be some advocates that will come up with some statistics and reports saying otherwise. It's pretty much like what happened for the Global Warming Reports. A group of advocates doctored their reports to make the global warming a lot worse than it is and the world freaked out about it. Yeah well, you know what they say about statistics.

To answer how many vehicle emissions killed? 30,000 deaths per year in U.S. alone. (
10,000 per year in Europe (

Cigarette & car emission kills but the biased is when non-smokers look at smokers with disgust and contempt. But when it comes to people driving a car, it is generally the other way around. We all know why that is and yet it kills all the same.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I can't believe the anger and the finger pointing towards smokers. Not only do tens of thousands people die due to air pollution caused by vehicles, car crashes kill and additional 40K+ more a year. They are hyypocrits on a rampage.

Anonymous said...

I know the post is old but i wqnted to comment. Im real tired of no one nagging about alcohol. It kills just as many if not more, can ruin relations and families..but its more " socially accepted" so ..

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Anonymous said...

In outdoor cinemas many couples die because been inside the vehicle for the duration of the movie having the engine running and the windows closed. How many packs of cigarettes are needed to die in a vehicle smoking ????

Balakrishnan Narayanan said...

This bias against smokers will continue till the day some Harward researcher publishes a thesis:
Good,you don't drive a car;you were only a smoker!